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Below are Testimonials that were sent to us from some of our satisfied customers. If after reading you are welcome to contact the merchants by email


I knew very little about your end of the industry and so, before I chose to go with Internet Commerce Consulting, I made a brief survey of over thirty-five organizations that provide E-commerce services similar to those you offer. I narrowed it down to six companies and then contacted them for detailed information and contracts.

Yours was the first to arrive. When I compared the pricing of all six, I was amazed to discover that the cost of your service was 40% below that of the closest competitor. The third nearest was more that double your price. The remaining three were over four times the cost of your service. Yet none showed any apparent benefits to justify their costs. Indeed, they ALL wanted deposits, part or all of which were non-refundable if they were unable to perform. You, on the other hand, didn't take a cent until we were up and running!

Because of the low cost of your service, it occurred to me that we might not get first-class treatment. Nothing could have
been further from the truth.

Your service was first-class all the way. Your entire staff bent over backwards to help us and bring us up to speed. You should be very proud to be offering such honest, straight-forward, highly skilled, yet down-to-earth service. We have yet to find anything like it in the industry.

We happily recommend I.C.C. to all. Anyone with any doubts is welcome to call me in person at 800-414-2501
and I will be happy to verify this endorsement.

Thanks so much for your help. I hate to think what we would have done without you.

Best regards,

Michael P. Leonard
President, Editor-in-chief
Cedar Ridge, CA


Dear ICC Processing,

I just wanted to thank you for your help in obtaining a merchant account and an Authorizenet account. The first company I chose wanted me to sign a long term lease of more than $59.00 per month. Not only did you save me money by having such a low setup fee your company has delivered service beyond my expectation. I look forward to continuing to do business with your company. Look for many referrals.


Annette Levantino


To whom it may concern:

I wanted to thank Internet Commerce Consulting for getting us the much needed increase in credit card processing limit. As you know we were processing with another credit card processor that limited our credit card volume. Thanks to your company's influence we were able to obtain a limit 20x's our previous limit. This has enabled us to continue to reach our goals and to grow our company.


Sheffield Nolan



Dear Lee Johnson,

Once again thank you for help in obtaining merchant status for our merchant. We have dealt with several merchant providers that have over sold, and over priced the credit card solutions that you offer. Your pricing and your attention to detail have really impressed our clients and made our process flawless to our customers. We will continue to recommend Internet Commerce Consulting to our customers.


John A. Foreman
Entire Media


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