The greatest benefit to having your own shopping cart is:
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  1. You're not paying an additional fee for someone to host your shopping cart.
  2. You purchase the shopping cart and it's yours... No monthly charges.
  3. You can move your shopping cart with your site to any provider which allows you to run CGI scripts.
  4. If the hosting provider is giving you a free shopping cart and you change providers what happens to all the work you've done inputting all your products? Chances are they won't let you take the cart with you!
  5. NO issues of having to wait for another provider's server to respond, load your shopping cart pages & images from another host's server.

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CoolCart shopping Cart is the fastest way to add a shopping cart to your web page. No programming or software is needed. Just plug in a little html code to your page. CoolCart can work with any merchant account. You will have a free 30 day trial period to see if our services will fit your needs

At Mercantec, we believe that having a store on the World Wide Web is an evolution of a merchant's business, not a revolutionary change for their business. Our customers require the use of existing infrastructures—they don't want to start from scratch. Therefore, Mercantec has developed its SoftCart software products to work with the web development tools, databases, order fulfillment and accounting systems that merchants and web site developers use today.
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ShopSite software is an online store creation system that allows merchants to build and maintain catalogs of products to sell on the Internet. It includes tools for site creation and management, sales and traffic statistics, secure encrypted transactions, and online order fulfillment.

Cart Manager is your easy and low-cost solution for secure electronic commerce. This unique online utility allows you to transform any Web Site into a ready to shop environment without extensive effort, complicated programming, or high-cost support!


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