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A vast majority of commerce on the internet is transacted via credit cards, therefore it is imperative for you to accept them. To accept credit cards from U.S. customers you must have a merchant account in the U.S.. Furthermore, most banks in other countries won't process credit cards based upon exchange rates and policies. Most International financial transactions are completed via wire transfer. Our programs allow credit cards transactions to be processed from all over the world.  We offer several options to obtain a merchant account to process credit cards; ranging in cost from $349.00 to $1595.00 USD, and also some more expensive Offshore options for High Risk International  Merchants such as Gambling, Adult, and Travel related businesses.  Please fill out our Questionnaire by clicking on the link in the upper left hand corner entitled " Apply Now" for a precise quote.  You can also begin the process by calling us at: 

408 986-9740


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