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CashRegister 3 Service:

Detailed Information and

The CashRegister 3 is the most secure, flexbile and easy-to -use Internet payment solution on the market. Key benefits of the CR 3 include:

Easy to install, operate and manage

The CashRegister 3 Service eliminates the need for complex software,
large databases, and heavy-duty processing at your merchant site.
Instead, all payment operations are handled by CyberCash's own 24x7
Payment Servers. As a result software installation, integration and
management is no longer a major hurdle for merchants and their site

Automatic upgrades and scalability

Quickly and automatically take advantage of new payment technologies,
standards and services as they emerge-without expensive and
time-consuming software changes to your site. You retain the same
interface, yet are able to stay abreast of the latest technologies and
ahead of the Internet commerce curve.

Single platform for all payment services

CashRegister 3's unified architecture already supports the Internet's
widest range of secure payment options:

Secure payment card/SET™ -- Consumers select from their existing VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards to safely purchase goods and services on-line, without picking up the telephone. CyberCash supports both standard SSL and SET transactions.

CyberCoin® -- enables cash payments in increments as small as US $0.25 perfect for instantaneous electronic delivery of information, products and services.

PayNow™ electronic check - Consumers can pay their bills directly via the Web, allowing billers to reduce float, cut billing costs, and forge stronger customer relationships at their own Web sites. Soon, the PayNow service will extend to point-of-sale check payments as well.

Multiple payment interfaces

Multiple consumer payment interfaces are also supported, including SSL
forms, the Microsoft Wallet, the upcoming CyberCash Agile Wallet, store
and bank-branded wallets, and other custom payment applications. You
simply select the options and interfaces you want to support, and easily
add new choices at any time to expand your pool of potential customers.

Small-footprint Merchant Connection Kit opens a world of payment

The 100K-size Merchant Connection Kit connects the merchant's
storefront to CyberCash's Payment Services. It is the only CashRegister
3 software component that needs to reside on the merchant's site server,
as CyberCash physically hosts the rest of the software at its own sites.
This leaves your server resources free for other tasks-such as Web

Fast, easy integration

The Merchant Connection Kit includes a collection of CGI scripts, HTML
files, configuration files, and templates that can be quickly and easily
customized to facilitate integration with all major merchant storefront
platforms. No special programming expertise is required. Example scripts
are provided in C, perl and Active Server Pages (for NT only).

Hard or soft goods

The CashRegister 3 Service handles sales made via shopping baskets,
pay-for-view areas, and digital downloads. Payments are separated from
fulfillment, so you can deliver your goods or services any way you

Maximum security

To protect the integrity of merchant transactions, the CashRegister 3
Service supports the Internet's strongest security technologies, including
Netscape's SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and the CyberCash-provided
triple DES solution. CyberCash transactions are protected by the highest
levels of security available to ensure security and privacy for anyone who
wants to conduct business on the Internet. In CyberCash wallet-based
transactions, all financial information transmitted over the Internet is
encrypted and digitally signed using CyberCash's industrial-strength
combination of DES encryption and RSA public key technology or, in
SET transactions, by SET-compliant encryption and authentication.

Maximum flexibility and compatibility

The CashRegister 3 Service is compatible with all major storefront
software. The service is also supported by the vast majority of North
American financial institutions and processors, so merchants can
maintain their existing merchant banking relationships. Leading
international banks and processors also support CyberCash payment


The Merchant Connection Kit is available for Microsoft® Windows NT™
and leading versions of the Unix. operating system, including Solaris
(Sparc & Intel), HP/UX, IRIX, AIX, Digital Unix, SCO, Linux, BSDI,


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