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Authorize.Net is one of the easiest, fastest and most secure ways to process credit card orders on the Internet. Not only can you accept credit cards you can also process checks online and in real time.

Using Authorize.Net allows a merchant to two processing options, one directly from your website by integrating to the Authorize.Net PaymentGateway via one of our connection methods (Advanced Integration Method (AIM) and Simple Integration Method (SIM)) and the second through the Virtual Terminal. If your website is not configured for real time processing you can use the Virtual Terminal. If you know that your site is configured for realtime processing the Weblink can be easily integrated in minutes.

Everyone recognizes that Internet commerce is the next big opportunity for businesses, for financial institutions, and for consumers. But doing business on the Net means finding a secure, cost-effective, and reliable way to collect payment and process transactions.

Authorize.Net fills that need with a server-based transaction processing system that enables businesses to authorize, process, and manage credit card and electronic check transactions in a real-time, online environment from any computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser.

Merchants simply send us the information we need to process their transactions over a secure, encrypted Internet connection. We take care of the rest on our sophisticated transaction processing system. That means businesses get all the advantages of our fast, reliable commerce servers; powerful databases; and fast, secure, leased-line connections to financial institutions right from their Web browser. All without the hassle, complexity, and expense normally associated with processing and managing payment on the Internet.

Authorize.Net offers tremendous benefits to traditional businesses, e-businesses, financial institutions, Internet Service Providers, Web developers, and others looking for a secure, reliable payment authorization solution that doesn't require a huge investment in new hardware, software, or bandwidth. For more detailed information about the Authorize.Net family of products, visit the links below:

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